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From the first person

Andrei Bagnovets – co-owner of the restaurant “DA”

 “The concept of the restaurant is worked out to the smallest detail.  Through the taste and beauty of our dishes, through the atmosphere of the surroundings, we bring to the audience a taste of life.  We intend to leave the strategy of artificially accelerating the turnover of the restaurant, when the chairs are made rigid, the space is limited.

  Therefore, our sofas  are comfortable, cushions are soft and we have only 150 seats.  We want our guests to be comfortable for a long period of time so that they can take their time without hurrying.  We create an atmosphere of home comfort and celebration at the same time. “

Svetlana Vlasenko – co-owner of the restaurant “DA”

“Why yes!”, this phrase became the motto of our project and set the vector for everything that we do.  When you say: “Yes!” – wings grow behind your back and  you are ready to develop, conquer any top and open for meeting  new things.  Our life-affirming philosophy is reflected on the name of the restaurant.  I believe that our thoughts are material, that we are able to form the reality. The  Restaurant “DA” is our  response to the life filled with taste, emotions, sensations and passion. “

Elena Pavlova – manager of the restaurant

“People who come to our restaurant are primarily guests for us.  Not customers, not visitors but guests.  And how do we greet guests?  Attentive, sincere, inspirational.  We try to anticipate the guest’s desire, to catch his mood and, if necessary, transform into a positive one.  We are very serious about recruiting employees, we work only with those who we trust and who share our worldview.  After all, in a restaurant communication with the staff should leave a pleasant aftertaste. ”